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Working with Children Checks

What is it?

Glen Waverley's policy

Revised Documents March 2016.

Exemptions etc

Applying for WWCC as per revised documents.

Current Holders

Below are the details shown on the DoJ site for me. Note that since the December 2016 revision, the "corner of.." address is no longer accepted. It seems that 10-12 Bogong Avenue is now the approved address. I have sought clarification from DoJ, and they say that using other address requires changing entry mode from "address recognition" to "manual entry". I have not yet tried that, but using 10-12 Bogong Avenue seems to be the simplest option.


Synod database

The Synod Culture of Safety people also keep a record of WWCCs. This is available to the designated person in each congregation at As of 2016, DavidMorgan is the designated person for GWUC.

Prepared by DavidMorgan

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