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Safe Church

The linking page for all matters to do with the Safe Church program.



A presentation on 2017 laws and UCA rules on prevention of child abuse made by Presbytery March 2017.

The Code of conduct for the prevention of child abuse required to be signed by all holders of WWCCs. (KCS4 Updated 16 Sep 2017)

The Keeping Children Safe Statement of Commitment made by Church Council (KCS3).

The Synod website on keeping children safe. and its user manual. and Safe Church Training resources

The Synod database of WWCCs, accessible to the designated contact for the congregation.

The State Government Commission for Children & Young People.

Information on Working With Children Checks at Glen Waverley.

The list of neighbouring churches cooperating on Safe Church Training.

The list of Glen Waverley members with Safe Church training.

Reportable conduct scheme notification from Commission for Children and Young People.

A declaration required for drivers.

A proposed new Safe Church poster and Congregational commitment.

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