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Leisure Time

A list of the group members is at LeisureTimeGroup.

Leisure Time Documentation

Constitution of Leisure time (Jan 2020), GuidelinesForLeisureTimeVolunteers




Annual report and finance statement for 2017.



LeisureTimeAnnualReport2015, LeisureTimeAgmMinutes2015,LeisureTimeFinancialReportYrEnded2014.pdf


LeisureTimeAnnualReport2014, LeisureTimeAgmMinutes2014, Leisure Time Finance report 2014.pdf


March newsletter, LeisureTimeAgmMinutes2013, LeisureTimeAnnualReport2013, LeisureTimeOfficeBearers2013


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About Leisure Time

See also LeisureTime201002

What is it?

Leisure Time is a friendly day out for lonely or isolated seniors from within our congregaton or from the wider community. Our guests are served morning tea and a 2-course lunch and enjoy happy company with new friends. Activities are interested and varied, eg. games, speakers, craft, music, as well as about 4 outings per year and a Christmas party. Guests are collected from their homes and delivered home by our volunteer drivers. All volunteers have police checks, organised by Leisure Time, at no cost.

When does it meet?

Every Monday, except public holidays and the Christmas break. Hours are 10.30am - 2pm

Who meets?

Our guests are isolated or lonely seniors, usually over 60 yrs, who are keen to mix with others. We have about 22 guests on our list at any time, with average attendance 19.

How is it paid for?

Guests make a $7/wk contribution, or $15 when there is an outing.

How does the church contribute?

Leisure Time is run entirely by volunteers from GWUC who help once per month as drivers, cooks or hosts. The church office is used for photocopying.

Relationship with OnTheWayTogether

Leisure Time is a well established and much appreciated outreach GWUC program. From 2012 it has been included as an activity of Community Hub Missional Group. It also contributes to CommunityOutreach and InclusiveCommunity objectives.




March 2020


June 2015

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