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Social Media Through the Lens of the Church

“Social media gives a church more opportunity to reach its members, the people in their community and those searching for more to life. It's a way to engage directly with these people in a manner that they're comfortable with, where they are and in their own time.” how-to-use-social-media-for-churches


Churches are not called to sit inside and keep riches for themselves – no, they are called to go and make disciples of all men and women. Therefore, it’s time to use social media to spread the gospel.

16 Powerful Social Media Strategies For Churches

Social media platforms have changed the way that society interacts with and spreads information, and without it, a church will be pretty limited in their own success as communicators.


A Definitive Guide to Social Media in the Church

Social media for churches isn’t about cool. It’s not about technology. It’s not about promoting your events. It’s about reaching people.


Social media policy

Misusing social media, even if unintended, can damage your ministry’s reputation and even put your church at risk of litigation. In order to enjoy the benefits of social media while also protecting against possible misuse, it’s wise to develop a social media policy for your church or ministry.


Things to Avoid

There are a handful of things you can do (or not do) that can have a bigger and more lasting impact on your effectiveness.


10 Powerful Church Statistics on Social Media Use

As a church leader, you need buy-in not only from your leadership team but also from your congregation as a whole to enact church-wide change.

Ten (10) statistics that illustrate just how crucial social media is to church growth, how badly churches currently utilize it, and key takeaways to help you build (or fix) your social media strategy.



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