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Timetable for Dads playgroup

The Dads’ Playgroup’s timeframe from May 2019 is detailed as follows:

10.00am-10.50am Art Craft and Indoor/outdoor free play activities

We encourage dads to be present on time to ensure that there is sufficient time for your child/ren to participate in art craft and indoor/outdoor activities.

At 10.50am, Dads guide your own child/ren to pack up and return all the toys indoors and outdoors. Packing up toys is an excellent opportunity to train children how to organize and sort out items and this will help develop good routine habits.

11.00am-11.20am Children eat snacks (Morning tea break)

Dads assist staff to clean tables for children to eat snacks on the table. Dads guide your own child/ren to wash hands in the soap water container. Dads then arrange their child/ren to sit down to eat snacks and have a break.

11.30am-11.50am Chinese song and storytime

When singing the "Ni Hao" song, all dads should sing together to create an immersed musical atmosphere. Dads and children are required to keep quiet while listening to Chinese/English stories. Participants’ whispering or chatting will affect your child’s learning. Please ensure adequate supervision of your children at storytime. Don't let the children go to the front or walk around, which may interrupt other children’s listening and cause safety concerns.

11.50am-12.00pm Venue tidying up & finishing

We need dads to help put away tables and chairs, supplies, and toys back.

The Dads’ Playgroup’s new timeframe will be taken in effect from this Saturday (May 11). We sincerely hope that dads can work together in order to run the best quality Dads’ Playgroup!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your cooperation!

Joseph Jin
Chinese Family Services

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