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Instructions for Bible reading

You are sharing in the leadership of the service, an essential part of which is the reading of the word, so you are asked to prepare yourself for the task.

Would you pelase:

  1. Phone the minister listed on the plan (the first if two are indicated) before Sunday.

  2. As we normally use some of the lectionary readings, you can see those likely to be used through that link or in the previous week's bulletin

  3. Pick up an Order of Service from the Vestry 5-10 minutes before the start of the Service.
  4. At 11 am we follow the proctice of carrying the Bible in at the beginning of Worship and placing it on the Communion Table Lectern. You are asked to do this. Therefore you will lead the Minister/s into the service from the back of the centre aisle. Once you have placed the Bible on the table, move to your seat. The Bible used is the soft cover (black covered) one stored in the Vestry. There is a large print copy available should you require it- this is also in the Vestry.
  5. At the appropriate time in the service, move to the Reading Lectern and adjust the microphone to suit your height.
  6. Introduce the reading(s) in turn with
    1. the page number in the pew Bibles
    2. the Book, chapter and verse
    3. the invitation
    4. The readings need to flow, so please do not announce any headings which may occure in the middle of the set readings.
  7. Remember, it is important to be heard, so volume, speed and expression require attention.
  8. When you finish reading, will you pease say "In this is the word of the Lord" to which the congregation will be encouraged to respond "Thanks be to God". Then return to your seat.
  9. At 11am, following the benediction and any hymn, please move beyond the Communion Table, blow out the Christ Candle, then carry the Bible down the aisle and return it to the Vestry.
  10. If you are unable to read at your rostered time, will you please take responsibility to change with someone else on the RosterBible, or contact EileenScott.

Written by EileenScott. Entered here by DavidMorgan with slight ammendments.

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