On-Line Presence for the Glen Waverley Uniting Church - Update Scope

Project Scope

The Glen Waverley Uniting Church currently has web-site (https://gwuc.org.au) and Facebook presence (https://www.facebook.com/glenwaverleyunitingchurch) on the internet to inform the community within and beyond the congregation of activities and to encourage new-comers. It currently contains a lot of static content concerning who we are, where we are, and our activities. It also includes regularly updated information in the form of video podcasts of worship, links to access livestream worship, and information bulletins and newsletters. (The Church also has a wiki that is used for record-keeping and to a much lesser extent for discussion within the congregation. However, the wiki and the functions it supports are outside the scope of this document.)

The existing web-site is built using WordPress, the Divi Theme and a number of plug-ins. However, it is difficult to maintain because the original designer is no longer available and integration between content on the web-site and material posted on Facebook is manual and ad-hoc.

This document seeks proposals to create a new on-line presence for the Glen Waverley Uniting Church including design and implementation.

Purpose & Intended Audience


The Glen Waverley Uniting Church website lets the wider community know about our church. The predominant purpose is outreach. It is intended to encourage people of all ages to join us.

Social Media

The Glen Waverley Uniting Church aims to use social media form to engage with our community through healthy faith-based discussion, event promotion and church updates. To date, the main social media channel has been Facebook, but this update will include options to use Twitter and Instagram.




Required Features of Website

The web site should contain all the key features of the existing web site:

It could also contain information about how we see our mission (e.g. https://gwuc.org.au/vision/ ).

New features will now doubt be possible. These include:

Payment options must meet the security and privacy requirements of the major credit card companies e.g. compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


The design should be contemporary and interesting and entice visitors to explore the web-site.

A style-guide should accompany the design to facilitate consistent revisions and extensions over time.

The style guide should include page templates and guidance on:

The maintenance of content should be such that it is easily done by people not highly skilled in IT.

The design should facilitate rendering on traditional personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones. The web site should operate correctly with versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari Browsers five-years old or less. Greater compatibility should be provided if possible.

Guidance on the application of the web-site styles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should be provide tor the extent that this makes sense.

We expect that some users will be attracted by appealing appearance and graphics while others will focus on finding information of interest. We would appreciate advice and options on this matter.

Video Content

While the focus of this update is on the appearance and functions of our web and Facebook sites and the like, we would be interested in guidance on how to consistently apply design elements in our video productions (e.g. live streamed worship).


The design should be documented so that:

  1. design elements can be applied to the creation of new content by IT-competent members of the congregation;
  2. implementation can be understood and maintained by IT-competent members of the congregation; and
  3. the system can be operated and maintained by IT-competent members of the congregation.

Content Integration

It must be easy to post content to multiple platforms.

For example, it should be possible to select multiple platforms for any post and to have the designated content posted in all places without the need for rework. For example, an item of news should be able to be posted to to both the 'Latest News' part of the website as well as to Facebook. It should be possible to schedule posts to multiple platforms similarly.

Content Moderation

Advice is required on what content moderation actions are necessary to ensure that the platforms are not abused or contain offensive content.


Advice is required concerning:


We would like to know how the costs of the satisfying this proposal are broken down.

  1. What are the components of the proposed solution?
  2. What do they each cost?
  3. What is the underlying technology platform and what does it cost?
  4. Are there costs associated with ongoing operation?
  5. Are there costs associated with ongoing support and periodic maintenance?

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