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The GWUC Fete 2019

The Glen Waverley Uniting Church Fete is usually held on the third Saturday in October every year. In 2019, the date will be 19 Oct 2019, running from 8:30am to 2:00pm.

Please note that this page is rolled over from 2018, and stall responsibilites are only partially updated.

Stalls In 2019


Special Duties on Fete Day

Promotional Content

GWUC & COP Projects Video


The fete is organized by the Fete Committee, and you can see the detail of their planning at the FeteCommittee page. The members of this committee are defined in the FeteCommitteeGroup page. Past & present members are at FeteGroup. Pickups are listed here. An alternative destination for furniture is Eastern Emergency Relief Publicity for Fete and Book Sale


The Fete in 2018 raised around $23,700.


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