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Latest News

For the latest news see the HeadLines page. Old news is archived on the PreviousNewsItems page.

Copies of the ChurchBulletin (weekly and monthly) and NewView are available online.

See the separate Quick Links page. This is a good page to bookmark in your browser if you are a regular visitor to these pages.

Church Diaries

All bookings for functions in the church building, both church functions and hirers, are now in the one diary - but! due to technical reasons, are shown in two distinct calendars. Please consult both of the following diaries for room availability, and send requests for new entries to <office AT gwuc DOT org DOT au>

First Time Visitors

If you want to get an account to use the wiki, or find out more about the wiki, please visit the GwucWikiFirstTimeReaders (clicking on that last word will take you to the page). For help on how to read and edit the wiki, see HowToUseTheChurchWiki.

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