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The Presbytery is a key council of the Uniting Church in Australia. Congregations send their Minister and representatives to this council. Just as your church council has relational oversight of your congregation, the Port Phillip East Presbytery has relational oversight of 78 congregations. The relational oversight the presbytery seeks to offer, has your minister and representative as part of it. Presbytery is not central office nor is it part of an hierarchy. As a part of a series of interrelated councils we have specific responsibilities such as proposing candidates for ministry and ordaining them. Other responsibilities are the pastoral oversight and discipline of ministers, and congregations as well as mission strategy and management of regional resources.

In order to do these required tasks we need representatives who are able and willing to do more than attend a meeting once a month. Presbytery representatives are expected be part of committees or task groups as well as participate in deliberations of the presbytery. Congregations which do not have representatives are miss out on participating in critical and exciting decisions. Congregations need to support their minister in the fulfilment of their induction vows to participate in the wider work of the church. Your voice needs to be heard, your contribution to the wider work of the church is crucial. Get active!

Ensure you have an active participating Representative and that your Minister is part of this Council.

Presbytery Prayer Calendar

The Presbytery has asked each church congregation to pray for one of the members of presbytery each week. The PresbyteryPrayerCalendar has been transcribed from the Presbytery pages for this purpose.

News from the Presbytery

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A Variety of Events

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I also subscribe to UnitingWorld newsletter and there has been a recent edition focussing on Japan. At the end of the newsletter there is reference material for use in services which may be of interest to those leading worship. There are also some different ideas on fundraising for the recent natural disasters both here and abroad. You may wish to subscribe in your own right if interested in the material contained in the newsletter.

Reports from Presbytery Meetings

These are from our representatives to Prebytery, meeting either in council, or in task or regional meetings.



13 Jul 2013


25 May 2011


27 Apr 2011

(no meeting)

23 Mar 2011


23 Feb 2011


25 Nov 2010


27 Oct 2010


22 Sep 2010

(not available)

25 Aug 2010

(not available)

28 Jul 2010


23 Jun 2010


26 May 2010

(no meeting, due to Synod)

28 Apr 2010


24 Mar 2010


24 Feb 2010


25 Nov 2009



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