Free Spirit 2017

2017 Performances





3 Feb 2017


10,000 Reasons

GWUC - Graham Pottenger's funeral

26 Feb 2017


Lord lead us on and
You are Mine


26 March 2017


Upon this rock
The Lord Bless you and keep you


14 April 2017


Awake, Alone in Gethsemane
Via Dolorosa

GWUC - Good Friday

23 April 2017


I'm His Witness Now
Hold onto the Rock


28 May 2017


You are welcome here


25 June 2017


O Love

GWUC anniversary combined choir led by Free Spirit

25 June 2017


O Freedom
They can’t take that away from me
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
I’m aTrain
Alto’s lament (women)
Pink Panther theme (Men)
At the riverside
10,000 Reasons
Hold on to the rock
The Argument
Danny boy
Irish Blessing

Concert - Peppertree Hill retirement village

23 July 2017


Let There be Praise
God is All You Need
Joy in the Morning


6 Aug 2017


Let there be praise
Joy in the Morning
Eat this bread
10,000 reasons
The rhythm of life

St Michael's Uniting Church

27 Aug 2017


I will Sing Praise
Ee-waa, ee-waa
Holy Ground


10 Sept 2017


For the beauty of the earth
I dreamed of rain
For you deep stillness
The peace of the earth

Southern Mornington Peninsula Uniting Church

24 Sept 2017


God’s peace
Your grace still amazes me
Let your heart not be troubled


22 Oct 2017


I want to thank you, Lord
Come home


12 Nov 2017


Holy Manna
I praise the name (Anastasis)


26 Nov 2017


For you, deep stillness
For the beauty of the earth
I dreamed of rain
The peace of the earth


10 Dec 2017


Wondrous child
Were you there on that Christmas Night?
Who’s that Baby?
We have a Saviour


24 Dec 2-17


Breath of Heaven
We have a Savior


25 Dec 2017


Goin’ to Bethlehem
Mary, did you know?



Free Spirit AGM Report 2016-2017

14/12/16 in association with Christmas celebration at Glen Waverley UC (Highvale) Tennis Club.

1. Attendance:

Lynn Peters, Stephen Emms, Yan Emms, Russell Lang, Mirini Lang, Jesse Lang, Keziah Lang, Deb Leigh, Alan Cook, Alison Cook, Jenny Abraham, Lise Hales, Robin Pope, Maria Gillies, Vida Foo, Michael Foo, Jo Boldiston, Irene Merta, Geoff Willis, Noelle Gibson, Joy Allen, Elwyn Pederson, Helen Jackson, Lyn Maslen, Marj Snare, John Snare, Jacob Davey, Linda Li.

2. Apologies:


3. Agenda confirmation/update

Minutes of last year’s AGM are available at

4. Treasurer's report

Cash in Hand

Cash in hand as at 8/12/16 is $320.40.


It is proposed that for 2017, subs will remain the same as for 2015 – i.e. $25 for each half year.

2016 CD

Singing with Spirit cost $3954.03 to make.

This was funded with $3,314.03 from retained funds and $640 from pre-sold CDs.

Amount available for distribution to date is $4,500 (approximate because it is possible that not all sales from the church are included). This does not include sales associated with the Castlemaine concert. Changed from the amount given at the meeting because some sales had been double counted.

CDs sold (as at 8/12/16) – 291

CDs yet to be sold (as at 8/12/16) – 258

Allocation of CD Funding

It was decided to split the money form the sales of CDs equally to support three organisations.

1. The Frontier Services agency of the Uniting Church.

2. The Outer Eastern Asylum Seekers Resource Network (through Share).

3. The outreach activities of our own church.

To ensure that the amounts are significant, it was decided to split the money in hand to date equally to the first two areas, and to allocate money to our church next year from sales we make next year.

5. Roles

5.1 Confirm Roles (for 2017)

Music director: Deb Leigh

Music selection and purchase: Deb Leigh

Librarians: Jo Boldiston in association with Lise (borrowing), Robin, Maria, and Marj for stocktake)

Music borrowing: Lise Hales

Liaison with ministerial team: Deb Leigh

Performance calendar/schedule: John Snare (schedule on the wiki).

Roll & performance record Robin Pope

Friends of Free Spirit register Geoff Willis

Scarves and ties: Joy Allen

Prayer and care: Marj Snare

Treasurer: John Snare

Historian: John Snare

Supper roster: Lyn Maslen

6. Responsibilities reminder

For the record, all responsibilities will be included in the AGM report as a reminder to members. New choir members will be given a copy of the AGM report to help them understand how the choir operates.

Choir member responsibilities

1. Regular attendance … (but not if you are sick):

• Please don’t skip the week after we sing or do a concert.

2. When unable to attend practices or performance:

• At short notice: notify Deb directly (on her mobile) - not via someone else.

• At longer notice: notify both Deb and update the wiki, so that our availability schedule can be kept current. (Notify John if you need help updating the wiki.)

• In general, notify both Deb whenever availability changes.

3. Attend as many practices as possible.

• To be part of a performance, it is a requirement to attend at least the last two practices immediately before we sing (subject to variation by Deb in special circumstances).

4. Punctuality

• Prior to rehearsals and especially when singing in church, please ensure punctuality leaving plenty of time to park when at church. We especially require our warm-up times to prepare for the services we sing in at church.

5. Returning music

• Music is expensive (and can be impossible to replace). It is important to hand back music on the day that we sing (even if you leave early).

• Even though music copies are named for convenience of making markings and notes, they still belong to the choir and should be returned when not in use.

• Please do not put markings on copies of music that has someone else’s name.

6. Borrowing music

• All choir members need to take responsibility to ensure music is written down (by Lise) when borrowing out a named copy of another choir member. Remind other members and visitors particularly (or new members) of this rule.

7. Mobile phones

• All phones should be switched off or to ‘silent’ during rehearsals, and at church.

8. Change of address, contact phone numbers

• Members need to advise both Robin (Roll) and Jenny (Schedule) promptly, when their details change. Current contact details (email, various phone numbers) are printed periodically and included as the 2nd page of the Schedule, which is used as our emergency “ring-around” list.


The folders we use are part of our uniform. When we are singing, it is important to use the black folders provided by Free Spirit and not other folders. Anyone without a Free Spirit folder can get one from Deb for $14.

7. Scheduling, major events & holidays

1. Worship times at GWUC – We will continue the practice of singing on the fourth Sunday of each month, alternating between 9.15am and 11am worship.

2. Assisting with the 2017 Fete – Free Spirit will run the silent auction, coordinated by Yan Emms.

3. Visits – We will focus on visiting more local churches next year.

4. Community Choral Event – We will organize a community choral event next year. Details are yet to be finalized, but the idea is to provide an opportunity for people who are not part of a choir to come and have a sing with us. There could be elements similar to a workshop. Possible it will be held in July and could have a Christmas in July theme for the music.

5. Practice commencement date in 2017: February 1st

8. Recruiting/accepting new members

Please refer all requests to Deb so she may audition as required.

9. Annual report to Church Council

The annual report to Church Council will be prepared by John Snare, using the approach adopted for the 2016 report.

10. Any other business

Meeting Attendance

None of the 44 practices this year was attended by every choir member. However, Joy was the star who attended every practice.

It was observed that numbers were down at some performances which is a pity.

It was also noted that practices after big events (e.g. concerts) are sometimes poorly attended. Perhaps there is a need for an occasional planned week with no practice, but when practice is on, members are encouraged to attend if possible. (But don’t come if you are sick!)


Some of our black folders are getting quite worn. 10 more to purchased, noting that they need to be big enough to accommodate A4 music.

Coordination with the band when singing at 9:15 worship

We will attempt to coordinate music activities in 9:15 worship with the band so that Fre Spirit can better support music in those 9:15 serves we attend.

AGM minutes to include a member list.

Will happen.

Free Spirit on-line (for information)

Free Spirit has its own wiki page - . From there, information is available about our schedule and member availability, supper roster, and contact details for Free Spirit members -

There is an email group list that allows messages to be sent to all Free Spirit members ( ) . This sends email to people on the FreeSpiritGroup page ( John Snare is the contact for any changes. This email list is only available to Free Spirit members and only works if the ‘from’ address is that recorded in the church database. (This is an anti-Spam control.)

11. Close


Free Spirit events 2016 (Total 18)

Glen Waverley Uniting Church morning services:





June (plus combined choir for Church anniversary)

July (plus Seniors service July 10)


September (simulcast with Beeac)



December (Seniors Carol Service, plus Christmas Day)

Other events

Ecumenical Choral Service – (Glen Waverley Uniting Church - May 29)

Berwick Uniting Church (July 31)

Concert (Glen Waverley Uniting Church – September 4, proceeds $1645)

Concert (Castlemaine Uniting Church – September 11, proceeds $900)

Heatherton – Dingley Uniting Church (November 20)

Free Spirit Members

Sop (8)


Joy Allen


Vida Foo


Helen Jackson


Lynn Peters


Marj Snare


Alison Cook


Noelle Gibson


Linda Li

Alto (9)

Lise Hales

Maria Gillies

Robin Pope

Irene Gibson

Lyn Maslen

Jenny Abraham

Elwyn Pederson

Keziah Lang

Mirini Lang

Tenor (6)