John Hurst
Glen Waverley Uniting Church Council

15th December 2011

Dear John,

Renewal of the Community Hub Missional Group

In the past “The Hub” and the “Community Hub” has come to mean the same thing. We are looking at the “Community Hub” being the missional group name that will include the below listed programs, and the current Hub will be called “The Hub” which is what we all call it anyway. This will mean there will be a coordinator for the Community Hub Missional Group and also a coordinator for each of the programs.

Following recent discussions between the programs listed below, and with involvement from the ministry team, we would like to present Church Council with a plan to reform the Community Hub Missional Group to better build on and highlight our similarities and possibilities.

The groups are:

Each of these programs has an outreach mission but they all focus intentionally on regular contact with the local community. We are proposing that the new Community Hub be seen as the outreach work that happens within our buildings and the Glen Waverley area. We see this as an opportunity to promote the needs and rewards of these programs to the congregation. Our volunteers are very committed to the programs they serve in, and believe strongly in the way we extend God’s care and hospitality to our community.

These four programs would continue to operate with their own existing structures. While none of the programs needs significant financial support, we all rely heavily on the congregation for:

This realignment of the Community Hub does not preclude any other review of the On The Way Together process or the missional groups that were formed in 2008 and we are happy to participate in any further discussions regarding the vision of the missional groups.

We believe that this is a constructive and exciting change, but we know we will have to work towards the benefits we are hoping for and to seek God’s wisdom and guidance in the process.

We plan to implement this broadened Community Hub Missional Group in February 2012. The new Community Hub Missional Group, which comprises of representatives from each group, will meet again on 1st February 2012.

We seek the support of Church Council in endorsing this move and also encouragement, prayer and promotion of volunteer participation for these programs.

Judith Greenwood
Community Hub Missional Group Coordinator.

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