To be held in the Worship Centre at 11:30am on Sunday 5th March 2017 - following the 10:00am Combined Worship service - Lunch to be served by Inclusive Community following the meeting.


1. Welcome and Apologies


2. Prayer

3. Confirmation of Minutes of Meeting held on 13th December 2016

The minutes of the December meeting of the congregation are at CongMeetingMinutes20161213.

4. Matters arising from the previous Minutes

5. Correspondence

6. Reports and Recommendations

6.1 Report of 2016 Election of Church Councillors

At special meetings of the congregation associated with worship on December 18th, 2017, David Fraser and Elwyn Pederson were elected as Church Councillors. A report is at CongMeetingReport20161218.

6.2. Church Council Report

Receive 2016 annual report.

6.3. Report from the ministry team

6.4. Finance Report

Receive 2016 accounts.

6.5 Property Report

6.6. Congregational Outreach Projects in 2017

Appoint of 2017 Congregational Outreach Projects selection committee.

Proposed resolution

'This meeting of the Glen Waverley Uniting Church appoints Cliff Baker, Jane Adams, Ben Kreiger as the Congregation Outreach Projects Selection Panel, to operate in accordance with the procedures described at CopOverallProcedure and using the assessment criteria at CopAssessmentCriteria.'

Note that both the overall procedure and assessment criteria have been modified in accordance with the related resolution of the December 2016 meeting of the Congregation.

6.7 How do we aspire to treat each other?

Follow up from the outcome of the December meeting of the Congregation.

7. Other Business

8. Benediction


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