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Communications Committee

This page details information relating to the operations of the Communications Committee, a sub-committee of the Church Council.


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The CommunicationsCommittee looks after a number of communications areas within the church, including





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The Communications Committee is set up by Church Council with terms of reference available at CommunicationsTermsOfReference.

Church Overview Brochure

The Communication Committee maintains a brochure that contains an overview of our church. It intended that this brochure is professionally printed as needed and made available to visitors to our church who would like to know more about us. The original version of this brochure is at GwucNewGlossy.pdf. However, an editable version of this brochure is not available.

An editable version of the 2018 brochure has been prepared using PowerPoint. It is intended to be printed in landscape on A4 paper and folded. The text on each page may need to be shifted left or right depending on the printer margins. See Glossy Brochure 2018.pdf, 2018 Glossy Brochure 2018.pptx (editable) and Glossy Brochure text 2018.docx (editable).

Church Postcard

  1. A sketch of the church by David Williams was scanned by Warren Greenwood. David Williams was asked and gave his approval for his image to be used on a church postcard. This scan contained some discolouration in background areas. The background was cleaned up as much as possible using Photoshop. The image is at GwucLineDrawingCopy.pdf.

  2. The Glen Waverley Uniting Church label was added to the image as an additional layer in Photoshop. Font is BernhardMod BT Bold. The Photoshop image is GwucImageV6.psd. The .pdf equivalent is GwucImageV6.pdf.

  3. Text for the reverse side of the card was drafted and checked by the ministry team. The text in editable format is PostcardText2018 A6.docx. The text in .pdf format isPostcardText2018 A6.pdf.

  4. Using the Apple Photos application a postcard was created as a project using the ‘Create Card’ option and the ‘Flat’ 10cm x 15cm format. A sepia filter was applied to mask the imperfections of the scanned image. The image was zoomed to fill the area. The front image is PostcardV3Front.pdf. Apple no longer supports this service, but the front image is stored in John Snare's vistaprint account.

  5. Vistaprint cab print for a reasonable price ( using the .pdf created by Photos. (On the Vistaprint web site start at Marketing Materials then Postcards.) Pick the smallest A6 size. Slightly smaller than the Apple printing option. Use the highest resolution images possible. Choose the heaviest possible card, two sided printing, colour on both sides, glossy finish. This increases the cost, but it is still quite reasonable at about 60 cents a card for 100 ordered. See order detail VistaprintOrderInformation.png. Note that the transaction appears to be Australian, the payment was processed in the Netherlands, with attendant additional credit card costs. If possible, use a credit card with low costs for foreign currency transactions. (28 Degrees Mastercard has low costs for such transactions. Others may also.)

Email Guidelines

The Communications Committee has developed EmailEtiquetteGuidelines to help make the use of email as effective as possible and at the same time helping to avoid pitfalls. These guidelines explain application of the congregation's Code of Conduct to the use of email.

Event Promotion

The following information might be helpful for mission group leaders and others with a need to promote events.

To engage members of the congregation in special activities, the Communications Committee encourages those groups wishing to hold special events to explore the following suggestions. Note that approval for any special event must be obtained from Church Council, preferably as soon as possible, but in any case before any advertising of the event to the congregation takes place.

Where timings are indicted, these are minimum periods, and groups should feel free to plan in advance of these timings.

1. No later than six before the event, prepare a paragraph or two for inclusion in the monthly bulletin with information about the event. The idea is for the item to be included in the bulletin for the month in which the event occurs.

2. If the event is intended to attract members of the community beyond our congregation, put a notice in the upcoming events part of the on-line Monash Community Directory ( or phone 9518 3641). There is also free promotion for up to three weeks before community events on the '' web site.

3. If the event is intended to attract members of the community beyond our congregation, consider preparation of an electronic poster for the web site home page. As a guide, these can be posted up to about four weeks before the event. Contact JohnSnare for more information.

4. No later than three weeks before the event, include information on the relevant notice board.

5. No later than the end of the third Thursday before the event, discuss the need for notices during worship in the weeks leading up to the event with the ministerial team. It is best if notices during worship are backed up by having a manned table in the foyer after the service to allow follow-up by those interested (before they forget). If a manned table is proposed, please seek agreement from the Communications Committee and Property Committee for this, optionally with a poster board behind it, before/between/after services to get people to sign up /buy tickets etc.

6. Consider preparation and display of video promotional material on the screen above the office door before and after worship. (Material for this display must be recorded onto a DVD that can be played on the DVD player in the office. John Snare can assist in preparing DVDs from information in other formats.)

7. No later than ten days before the event, discuss with the office placing notices in the door entrance notice boards, and/or inclusion of information about the event in the weekly bulletin for the week in which the event occurs.

External Printing Procedures

PrintingProcedures outlines the procedures for engaging an external company to print signs and outher documents.

Glen Waverley Uniting Church Style Guide

StyleGuide is a style guide for all church publications.

Group Descriptions

GroupDescriptionBrochure gives information about groups in the church. This information may be useful when preparing material for brochures and the church web site.

Leaflet Delivery

Leaflets are delivered to promote events of interest to the broader community, such as the fete and book sales.The LeafletDelivery page contains more information and downloadable maps of delivery areas.

Photo Release Form

The Communications Committee have begun to create a Photo Release Form that will be used for all photographs in all church publications. It is available PhotoConsentFormr1.pdf.

Psalter Wiki Vision, Policy and Guidelines

The Communications Committee has developed a vision, policy and guidelines for the use of the Psalter wiki (PsalterPolicy), an interactive information provider about many activities within Glen Waverley Uniting Church. There are thousands of pages of information about church groups, church events, church services and church people on the Psalter wiki. These guidelines explain application of the congregation's Code of Conduct to the use of the Psalter wiki.

NOTE: The Psalter vision, policy and guidelines are still under development and have not yet been approved as final by the Communications Committee.

Publicity for Fete and Book Sale


  • Real estate agents will make up, erect and remove billboards at no cost. You provide a jpeg or pdf of the image you want on the sign, they add a header or footer advertising their support, and do the rest. We have used a number of different agents and they are all keen. We put a sign on the church grounds.
  • Council also allow signs to be erected on public space, but this is carefully controlled - certain corners only, and you must first pre-book the site with them. Do do this, contact the Local Laws Admin ( ) to request the place and date. It may take more than one email/call to organise (not the best organised dept!). They will send you a letter detailing the location and when the sign may be displayed. Include this in the arrangements with the real estate agent and they will do the rest.

  • I use different artwork for each sign (one says “HERE”, the other gives the address) and the agents are happy with that.


  • We print 13000 (for Fete) and 5000 (for Book Sale) A5 flyers, and church members letterbox assigned areas around the church. Donations of items often have the flyer attached, indicating that these are an effective way of getting the message out there.
  • Until 2015, these were printed in the church office in B&W. For the 2016 Fete, a real estate agent offered to print and distribute colour flyers and this seemed like a great deal. However, the distribution was as part of a junk mail package, with the flyer buried inside retail catalogs. It looked fantastic, but few saw it! For the 2017 book sale, our agent was happy to print the flyers and our members distributed them as in the past and this seemed much more effective.

Local advertising

  • Flyers can be put up in shopping centres (Coles and Kmart have boards, so do the Centre Management but these are hidden down alleyways, usually outside the management office). The Library has a board. Many smaller shops are happy to display a flyer on their window. Schools and other public facilities are another option. Encourage church members to take some flyers and display them in shops/community centres/ schools etc.

Wider advertising

  • Crosslight will advertise coming events at no cost (just don’t ask for a classified advert - they do cost!!). Email well in advance as it is only a monthly publication.

  • The local paper (eg Monash Leader) will carry a ‘garage sale’ listing, but they are very expensive and we are not convinced that it is worth it. Multiple newspapers (ie in neighbouring areas as well) are a good deal compared with a single paper but even more expensive. However, a listing in “What’s on” is free and widely read. Email with a copy to the editor . The best outcome is to come up with a human-interest angle and approach the paper to see if they will print an article. This will usually mean they will send the photographer for a photo. It is great publicity, but not always taken up - you need to find a ‘quirky’ point of interest.

  • Radio stations have the ability to register an event online, and they will/may advertise it on the day. These ads have been heard by others, so it must work, and they often sent a friendly reply indicating that they will advertise the event.

    LightFM 3AW email Darren James < >

  • Online databases

    Every organisation now seems to have one of these, and I am not sure how widely read they are. However, a site which has many events listed, and a large email list, is Another I have used:

Sue Morgan, March 2017. A document containing similar information is FetePublicity.pdf.

Social Media Vision, Policy and Guidelines

The Communications Committee has developed a vision for the use of social media and they preface this SocialMediaPolicy based on material from the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania (amended for use by Glen Waverley Uniting Church. These guidelines explain application of the congregation's Code of Conduct to the use of social media.

Strategic Plan

The Communications Committee has developed a CommunicationsStrategicPlan that records the ways we communicate what we do, and presents a strategic plan for the development of our communications options.

Temporary Notices (Bill Boards) on Public Land

Monash Council must give permission for the erection of temporary notices (Bill Boards) on public land (e.g. Central Reserve) to advertise events such as the fete - see CommunicationsStrategicPlanTemporaryNoticeboardsOutside.

Website ( Upload & Maintenance Guidelines

The Communications Committee and Design and Communications Worker have constructed a set of guidelines for the use of the GWUC Website and its uploads, see ChurchWebEditProcedures

See WeeklyRemindersUpload for instructions for posting weekly reminders to the "Latest News" part of the web site home page.

See BulletinUpload for instructions for posting weekly reminders to the web site.

See EditHomePageSlider for instructions how to edit the web side home page slider.

See EditChildrenOrYouthProgrammes.pdf for instructions how to change the uthies or young people programmes on the 'Children and Families' or 'Youth and Young Adults' pages on the web site.

For the Kids Christmas Event, someone creates a registration form on Google Docs and sends a link. A page is created on the web site, for example see . This page contains a button containing the registration form link following the graphic. This page can be linked to a button on the home page immediately under the 'Normal worship times' button. Additionally, the graphic followed by a button with the registration link can be inserted as a 'Latest News' item.

Website Maintenance

The website uses a 'Theme' provided by a company called Elegant Themes. Amongst other things, Elegant Themes provides the plugin used for the Divi page editor. If this theme is not up to date, it can be very difficult to update pages on the website. This subscription has been renewed as follows:

1. The API Key is located by logging into the Elegant Themes account JohnSnare and after enting the password, navigating to to the Account > API Key page.

2. When logged in to the GWUC WordPress site, go to Divi>Theme Options>Updates and enter the username JohnSnare and API key.

The Divi subscription provides 'lifetime' access to the theme and updates. It also provides lifetime access to plugins that come with the Divi Theme. It is not known which plugins associated with the Divi theme are in use.

The website uses a plugin provided by Download Monitor called Page Addon. This requires annual license subscription. The license key remains unaltered as long as the subscription is current. The license key is: 220A-BB19-6E09-4729. The annual license subscription is automatically charged against John Snare's credit card.

The website uses a number of other plugins. These need to be updated from time to time as updates become available. Available updates are shown at the 'Updates' tab just below the Dashboard tab on the !Wordpress home page (when logged in). As at June 2018, JohnSnare regularly checks for and applies updates.

On 3/12/18, there was a problem with getting WordPress changes actually applied. Dr Google hinted that a likely cause was caching associated with a WordPress plug in. The Category Sticky Post plugin was deactiv ated and the problem went away. - Stickys had never worked anyway. Maybe one day someone can look at how to make stickys work for 'Latest News'. It does appear that this plug-in should do the job, but there must be some other trick or configuration option to get right beyoond just activating the Category Sticky Post plugin.

Worship Video Recording Practices

The Communications Committee has prepared a summary of WorshipVideoPractices.

Archived Material

Archived material is at CommunicationsDesignCommsWorkerArchive.


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