Communications Committee

Our mission

Glen Waverley Uniting Church is a faithful, Christ-centred community that meets God and shares that unconditional love.

Our Vision

Connectedness: Fostering relationships, Small Groups, Pastoral care, Gatherings and events, Intergenerational connections

Faith: Providing specified study groups, Diverse worship services & styles & times, Conferences, seminars & guest speakers, A culture of asking questions, exploring & sharing faith

Kingsway: Intentional listening to & learning from other multicultural or ethnic specific church communities, Building relationships by pastoral care and prayer support to Kingsway businesses, Participating in Kingsway events

Profile: Partnering with schools, councils and clubs, talking to community and global organisations to identify needs, Empowering the disempowered, Advocacy of community and global topics.

Living the Vision

  1. Being Mindful - The CommunicationsCommittee prefaces its agendas and minutes with the four summary vision statements as a reminder that the deliberations of the Committee should be done in the context of this vision.

  2. Looking Forward - The CommunicationsCommittee uses the four vision areas as a guide for discussion and decisions.

  3. Reflecting - The CommunicationsCommittee uses the four vision areas to check whether or not anything has been missed in its consideration of its various agenda items.


5 March 2018, 7:30pm – 9:30pm, Room 4

1. Sharing Time

David Fraser.

2. Attendance and Apologies



3. Confirmation of the agenda

4. Matters arising from the report of the last meeting

A report of the previous meeting is at CommunicationsReport20171204

5. New members for the Communications Committee

A Facebook generation person to help us would be wonderful.

6. The GWUC Web Site

Status update. Some Google Analytics are available from the WordPress dashboard.

6.1. Multicultural Information (afterthought - should probably be expressed as Intercultural Information)

I am thinking about a page under the ‘Ministries’ category called something like ‘Multicultural’. On that page I would provide a paragraph introducing the Indonesian group with a link to a page with more information.

The page for multicultural ministry could also include information about activities suited to people whose first language is not English. As a start, my idea is to look through the brochures in the foyer with simplified Chinese translations with a view to adding links to them from the Multicultural page.

As a starting idea for the Indonesian Group, the introductory paragraph could be something like: “The Glen Waverley Uniting Church has an Indonesian group that worships at 1:00pm on Sundays. This worship is usually in Indonesian, but sometimes is in English. For more information contact somebody’. This would be in both English and Indonesian. If someone from the Indonesian group would like to elaborate on their activities, then there could be a link to a page with more information.

As a starting idea for the Chinese material, the introductory paragraph could say something like: “The Glen Waverley Uniting Church welcomes people for whom English is not their first language. Activities such as The Hub, Play Groups, English Language classes provide opportunities for people to practice English in friendly surroundings.” This would be in both English and Chinese. This listed activities would be links to pages containing material from the brochures we already have. I can add more example activities.

6.2. Activities and Groups

I have received feedback that our web-site is very high level and doesn't give an idea of the sorts of activities that are available for members. I'm not quite sure what to do about this, but, for example, we could add someting to the 'About' page called 'Groups and Activities'. The Groups and Activities page could be based on 'Purpose' statements from Group Annual reports (in some cases slightly edited for the public audience). This wouldn't cover everything, but would pain a picture of the sorts of things that are available.

7. The GWUC Facebook site

Status update.

8. Frequently asked questions

Published on the wiki at

An additional question and answer is to be added: "How does the ministry team work". NeilPeters will prepare something that will be added when it is available.

9. Process for Real Estate Agent Sponsorship Boards

Action followup: Update from AlaneeHearnshaw.

10. Acknowledgement Directory

Follow up from the last meeting - see AcknowledgementDirectory.

Proposed outcome: Recommendation to Church Council.

11. Next meeting

12. Other Business

13. Closure

Meeting close no later than 9:30pm

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