Recruitment, Induction & Training Policy


A leadership position in Glen Waverley Uniting Church is understood to be that of a servant. It is defined by the need for the person in that position to be someone who wants to and is able to envision, enthuse, equip and enable others to know God’s will, mind, character and heart in the context of their life and the life of the church.

Identify the role and length of time the role is to be filled

Leaders should be appointed to clearly defined roles, and where possible clearly defined start and end dates. If a volunteer is being recommended for a new role complete the “Duty Statement – Volunteer form”.



All leaders are required to receive in-house Safe Church induction, including signing of the Leadership Code of Conduct and have a thorough understanding of policies and procedures of Glen Waverley Uniting Church prior to commencing in a leadership position.


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